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Most of us are aware that phones have changed over the years, but so much? From the party-line phone on the farmhouse wall, to the black office phone of the 50s and 60s and now -- cell towers and a small computer in your pocket.

After we determine what you need, we'll help you with coaching or go to where you are to teach classes, conduct workshops or provide one-on-one or small group coaching to answer questions about mobile devices. My Personal Phone offers workshops on how to use your smartphone or tablet -- iPhone, iPad or android devices. It doesn't matter, whichever one you have.

My Personal Phone takes the mystery out of all those buttons, icons and apps.

Our coaching supports you as you transition from a landline phone or older cell phones to a smartphone.

Our classes and workshops help those of you who want to achieve more skill with the smartphone you already own. Become an informed, power mobile device user.You will participate more with your family and in your community. You will learn how to use your smartphones or tablet to run a small business or a startup when you are away from the office.

My Personal Phone makes new technology accessible as you learn and want to do more with it.

For immediate help or information about my experience send me an email.

And, very important, we are not selling any gadgets or accessories.

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