How Seniors use Smartphones

serveimageIt's no surprise that with such a concentration in cellphone ownership (61%), seniors don't ordinarily use the internet. Seniors haven't been able, or maybe aren't interested, in the internet and its many advantages for information savvy people. Cellphones present an almost insurmountable set of problems for seniors wanting to watch a video, shop, access medical information, contact friends and family, or manage investments.

A majority of Canadian seniors, people over 68, now own a cellphone but only a small number have made the leap to using a smartphone, suggests a report by the Media Technology Monitor.

Of the 774 seniors polled how many said they owned:

a cellphone, 61%
a smartphone, 13%
a tablet, 12%

Seniors had a very slight preference for Apple's iPhone and most of the tablets were iPads.

Only 7% of the seniors said they used their mobile device to connect to the internet and only 2% tried social networking on their smartphone. Other figures in the report:

About 17 per cent of seniors said they sent text messages
Seniors estimated they spent about 6.3 hours a week online
About 23 per cent of the seniors said they use social media
Of the senior social media users, about 87 per cent were on Facebook, while only about 17 per cent were on LinkedIn and nine per cent were on Twitter

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