Home care and the internet of caring things — 2016 and beyond

What's all this "exciting" technology hype getting us? Look at the context.

  • In health care alone, insurance costs are rising with each renewal.
  • The delivery system keeps getting more expensive.
  • The cost of medicine goes up.
  • The average age of people over 65 approaches 85.

Eventually something from the tech future has to have a positive effect on our lives

We don't need refrigerators that tell us what to buy at the grocery store. We  don't need thermostats that talk to us or help us monitor our dog when we're away.  We need technology that improves home care.

Laurie Orlov has written an article looking at the technological possibilities for 2016.

Read it. Think about it.  Talk with your friends about it.

Make technology help our growing population of people who could use some cost cutting, safe ways to stay home and live a healthy life.

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