iPad beginner?

iPad buttonsAre you  beginner? Own an iPad and want to put it to better use?  Here’s a free iPad course for beginners of all ages.

Designed for you, these LESSONS cover the basics from:

  • how that round button at the top or bottom of the iPad works
  • how to make a home screen more useful
  • how to get a new app from the App Store
  • how to move apps to different places
  • how to install a keyboard
  • how to lock the device

Learning the basics helps you advance from a beginner to someone who can determine what you want and then make the iPad do it.

The phrase, “There’s an app for that.” sums it up. The apps determine what the iPad will do. They are very important. Just the apps that came with the device will open a world of new things to do. But, if you need additional information, think about what information would be useful, research the apps you need and get them from the App Store. Most are free.

Learn how to set up the keyboard and you’ll take the device from a consumer of information to your personal information maker.

And, locking the device will become it become more important as you do more things with it.

There’s even a lesson with tips that will help you get the most out of the iPad.

The iPad can do so many things for you, but you have to learn the basics to get it do most of them.

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