Smartphone learning curve

After many classes I have developed a smartphone learning curve for seniors with little or not computer experience, who want to learn how to use the smartphones and tablets.

The only shortcut I know to make the iPhone or iPad do what you want NOW! Is SIRI. Either take a SIRI course or buy a book to help start the journey. Otherwise it is a steep start.

Learning_Curve_Diagram_--_Steep_and_Shallow,_Same_FunctionalityAt all stages of the curve, I’ve found learners can ask others that use an iOS or android device for help. The iOS devices are almost one to one compatible. Android devices are a bit harder for people to switch from one to another, but a more experienced user can be lots of help.

  1. Beginner

    Learning about everything physical about the device. Buttons, camera, settings

  2. Novice

    Learning to modify it. (Requires the Apple password on Apple devices.) Getting apps, email, search, Facetime, games

  3. Experienced

    Uses the internet for maps, travel information, finding museums, food and entertainment, YouTube

  4. Expert

    Does searches and use complicated sites such as public library sites, Amazon, Flickr, Facebook, Skype

For people unfamiliar with a world where information is almost instantly available on the internet, this is a real challenge.